Serving Riverside & San Bernardino Counties

We are the largest Labor Council geographically with 27,269 square miles with 133 cities, several unincorporated communities, including School Boards and multiple Water Boards, in addition to nine Congressional Districts, seven Senate Districts and fourteen Assembly Districts all in our jurisdiction.

A True Devotion to the workforce

There are a little over two hundred and eighty nine thousand union members who reside in our two counties that also includes the 33 school districts in San Bernardino County and the 23 in Riverside County as well as 10 community colleges and 6 universities. Our Labor Council has a fifteen member Executive Board and all fifteen members are from different local unions.

We are comprised of eighty two affiliations following the mergers of some locals with two constituency groups – CBTU and PAW.


Why Support Labor Unions?

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Unions pursue strategies and activities that serve the interests of their members. These include representing members and negotiating with employers, recruiting new members and engaging in political action when necessary to support policies that improve working conditions for all workers.

We believe the heart of the workforce

Transforming the workplace

The San Bernardino & Riverside Laobr Council represents local unions from every sector of the labor movement. The Labor Council and our unions work to build worker power through union organizing, political education, economic development and training programs to give workers a voice to improve their lives.