Committee On Political Education (COPE)

Our Principles

The IELC is a nonpartisan organization, we believe in electing champions for working families and their communities. For us it is not about a party affiliation; it’s about candidates who will stand on the side of working families and have the ability to push the important issues to get things done because creating good jobs, affordable housing, retirement security, and healthcare-for-all are all political decisions.
The continuous assault on workers, their rights, and their unions has caused an economic imbalance in our country that has led to the almost complete obliteration of the Middle Class. The Working Class is the largest percent of our population and trying to put food on the table, quality of life, rent, whether or not they can afford their medication, and hopefully have a few dollars left over at the end of the month are the struggles they face every day.
It is our job to improve working conditions and career opportunities in order to build our communities up.

We are the largest Labor Council geographically with 27,269 square miles with 133 cities, several unincorporated communities, including 56 School Districts as well 10 Community Colleges, 6 Universities and multiple Water Boards, in addition to 9 Congressional Districts, 7 Senate Districts and 14 Assembly Districts all in our jurisdiction.

Congressional Senate Assembly
8th  27th 16th  20th 33rd   36th    40th   41st
31st   35th 21st  23rd 42nd  47th  52nd   55th
36th   39th 25th  28th 56th   60th  61st   67th
41st   42nd 31st 71st   75th

Endorsement Process


Visit these websites for more information about these California Propositions that we have taken a stance on as Labor:

No on Prop 22:

Current law requires app companies to provide their drivers with basic benefits and protections, but because the billion-dollar companies don’t want to pay, they are trying to buy themselves a special exemption in the law to avoid having to pay their share to keep drivers safe on the job.

Yes on Prop 15:

California is giving away billions of in property tax breaks to wealthy corporations. While the wealthiest corporations avoid paying their fair share, our schools have the most crowded classrooms in the nation and our local communities are struggling to respond to the impact of COVID-19; Prop 15 closes those loopholes. We believe that large corporations should pay their fair share.

For more information about the San Bernardino Measures we have taken a stance on Visit these websites:

No on Measure U:

Measure U is a Dangerous proposal to defund fire protection services by $40 million for residents in the communities served by the San Bernardino County Fire Protection District. This measure will close local Fire Stations and raise Homeowner Insurance Premiums over $500 a year.

Yes on Measure J:

Measure J will modernize San Bernardino County’s charter- laws that govern our community- by removing sexist language, closing political loopholes, putting a stop to Governors hands in local matters, and increasing transparency in our local government.

No on Measure K:

Measure K will reduce the Board of Supervisors accountability to the public by shortening term limits, eliminating the need for voter consent to impose new property taxes, and cutting Board Members’ pay to a part-time salary; this will encourage them to accept more money from lobbyists and special interest organizations, increasing corruption and the return of pay-to-play politics.