We Are One Movement!

An organization of workers dedicated to protecting members’ interests and improving wages, hours and working conditions for all.

The San Bernardino & Riverside Labor Council represents local unions from every sector of the labor movement. The Labor Council and our unions work to build worker power through union organizing, political education, economic development and training programs to give workers a voice to improve their lives.

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Our Vision

By exercising the freedom to join together and negotiate their wages, working conditions, and benefits, workers gain a voice through the Union

If you are browsing our website and a union member who’s local is not affiliated please contact us to find out how to join our movement. Thank you.

Inland Empire Labor Council

6 Reasons For Labor Unions

Why do we need Labor Unions?

Experienced & Educated

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Skill Levels

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Working Conditions

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Quality of Life

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Moving Forward

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Work Benefits

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Moving Forward

We are the largest Labor Council geographically with 27,269 square miles with 133 cities, several unincorporated communities, including School Boards and multiple Water Boards, in addition to nine Congressional Districts, seven Senate Districts and fourteen Assembly Districts all in our jurisdiction.

Congressional Senate Assembly
8th  27th 16th  20th 33rd   36th    40th   41st
31st   35th 21st  23rd 42nd  47th  52nd   55th
36th   39th 25th  28th 56th   60th  61st   67th
41st   42nd 31st 71st   75th

Joe Duffle – UFCW 1167

1st Vice President:
Andy Schwartz – IUOE #12

2nd Vice President:

Executive Secretary-Treasurer:
Ricardo Cisneros – UDW 3930

Members At Large:
Al Powers – UA 364
Genevieve Perez – USW 8599
Rene Real- IUPAT 1036
Barbara Washington – Knight – SEIU 121RN
Sean Swoboda – IBEW 477
Colleen Hairston – CSEA 506

Jim Mengler-USW #8065
Vidal Zambrano-IRONWORKERS #416
Richard Villegas-LIUNA #1184

Sergeant at Arms:
Joe Armenta ATU # 1704

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